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Lobbying women interests in Belarus

In 2002 twelve Belarusian business women visited a number of womens enterprises in Berlin within the project Support for Business Women by Means of Upgrading Their Professional Skills at German Womens Enterprises. During the study-tour there aroused interest in cooperation with Belarusian business women not only on the level of individual partnership, but there appeared future prospects for the creation of Belarusian-German business womens network. At the follow-up seminar it was decided to set up the network Forum of Belarusian Business Women. A year later, within Belarusian-German Program of the Support for Belarus in 2003-2004, a seminar on strategic planning of the business womens network Forum activity was held. At the seminar goals and objectives, as well as prospects for the network development were defined, an action plan was worked out, the role and responsibilities of network members were specified.

The network is constantly increasing in the number of its members as those taking part in the project events later become its full members. At present the network unites more than 100 women.

Mission integration of Belarusian business women with the purpose of creation of favorable conditions for their development, democratization of society and strengthening of their influence on economic and political decision making.

Goal increase of business womens competitiveness, promotion and protection of their interests, formation of an effective partnership and cooperation.


  • Development of the network organizational potential;
  • Development of collaboration and partnership;
  • Assistance in development of favorable business environment;
  • Creation of the network information space;
  • Creation of the system of legal protection of business womens rights;
  • Creation of a permanent educational system for business women;
  • Formation of a positive image of womens entrepreneurship.

Prospects for development:

  • broadening of cooperation, involvement of new participants potential;
  • development of international contacts and cooperation, involvement of competent international advisers and experts;
  • an opportunity for studying and training abroad;
  • experience and information exchange, professional support and consulting, psychological help;
  • organization of forums, meetings, exhibitions of business women on a regular basis;
  • lobbying of business womens interests, strengthening of their influence on local communities, collaboration with women-politicians;
  • collaboration with business unions;
  • creation of a positive image of a business woman;
  • pooling resources for the joint target projects, carrying out joint publicity and PR campaigns;
  • development of the market of goods, services and technologies;
  • creation of a womens business incubator, the Guarantee Fund of their own, development of a micro-crediting programs.